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Indica-dominant cross between Biscotti x Orangeade. Sugary cookie flavour and sweet orange terps.

Our Grade: AAAA

Cultivator: LSO GEM


10 reviews for ORANGE BISCOTTI

  1. Shrey (verified owner)

    Delicious!! A must-try. Use THCO2 for $5 off your next order

  2. Ccclassics

    Jeeeeezzz – came back for another 14 .

    Once you open the bag it smells like a bag of oranges . Smoke is clean and tasty – what a treat!!

    This strain is sooo much better than the tag – grab some ASAP

    Use referral code CC10 for $5 off your next order

  3. Jon138 (verified owner)

    Great Indica smells good and looks great

  4. Oliveiri (verified owner)

    amazing grab!! taste real great and beautiful coated budz! 9\10
    use( bloodclo t) for discount!

  5. deepak parmani (verified owner)

    it tastes so good, literally tastes like its name 5/5

  6. Gregory Karshmer (verified owner)

    Flawless terps if you’re into orange strains. Some of the best I’ve smelled when properly jarred. Taste to go with it and a nice mostly balanced high. Started with a 7 and getting more. Don’t sleep indeed.

  7. leafnation (verified owner)

    I first ordered 7g it was delicious 😋 so I ordered a oz before it disappears.
    My family loves it. ❤️

  8. Use code TERPS

    Great strain. Taste great. Nice bag appeal.

    Code : TERPS
    SAVE $$$$$$$$$$

  9. Ccclassics

    I just split an order of this with a buddy and the terps are so delicious . What a treat.

    Not to gassy which is sometimes a good thing .

    Highly recommend- don’t sleep on this awesome strain !

    Use referral code CC10 for $5 off your order !!!

  10. leafnation (verified owner)

    Can’t believe the terps in this orange biscotti. For sure it’s onangeade terps and biscotti. I can taste it wow unbelievable 😳 and amazing 👏. Potency slightly there, not too gassy. The buds medium size sexy buds. Sticky and fresh. I’ll buy another oz.

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