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41 reviews for 1-GRAM SAMPLE

  1. Bang4Buck (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with what I received this week!
    Referral code: “BANG” for $5 off your order! Happy toking!

  2. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Another winner, Dank Sinatra will be added to my rotation

  3. echo (verified owner)

    i got dark plasma gelato from recent purchase it reminded me of runtz right away. fire

  4. echo (verified owner)

    dank sinatra was stick stinky, but smalls nugs

  5. echo (verified owner)

    i got a free 3.5g of dank sinatra too had to review it here since the thread was removed but dank sinatra was straight dankkkk

  6. echo (verified owner)

    i couldn’t read the strain but it was sticky and potent bud

  7. Jer (verified owner)

    Love getting a sample. It makes future purchases easier.

  8. Bang4Buck (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with what I received this week, happy toking!

    Referral code: “BANG” for $5 off your order!

  9. Reviews (verified owner)

    Can’t read what is written in the bag but it’s really good, loving the free samples

  10. Cheese_Munster (verified owner)

    Received some bubba kush, rolled it up in a j and it smoked pretty nice, no complaints for a free sample.

  11. echo (verified owner)

    Pink Master, stinky gassy fire weed

  12. echo (verified owner)

    Pink Master, stinky gassy fire weed

  13. WeedFairy11 (verified owner)

    Thanks for the samples have tried many now and they are always so fire
    Really appreciate it so much ✌️✌️

  14. Bang4Buck (verified owner)

    Referral code: “BANG” for $5 off your order <3

    Happy toking!

  15. Ccclassics (verified owner)

    I got pink master – not a pink fan but it smells like it’s gonna a make me want to snack .

    Free is free , right !?

    Use referral code CC10 for $5 off

  16. echo (verified owner)

    i got pink master smalls nice pink taste ash and oil ring are present as well

  17. echo (verified owner)

    i got pink master really good for the price and gassy, pink terps, white ash.

  18. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Another banger sample

  19. Gucci (verified owner)


  20. Bang4Buck (verified owner)

    Wasn’t mind blowing. AAA+ strain I think. Still free is free! Referral code: “BANG” for $5 off your order!

  21. SATIVAGUY (verified owner)

    Platinum Kush as a sample. Beautifully caked crystal nuggets, reminiscent of enchanted gems. A delightful aroma of fresh earth and tangy enchanted cheese wafts from the nug, while grinding it unveils subtle whispers of spice and earthiness. This magic provides a soothing, social spell of relaxation with a decent potency. Perfect for a gathering of wizards seeking a serene enchantment.

    SATIVAGUY for $5 off

  22. JaxJah12 (verified owner)

    I got Wizard Gelato as a sample and was very pleased. Bag appeal was crazy, even took pictures of the bud. Nice smooth, flavourful smoke. Great head high.

  23. AdamHerr12 (verified owner)

    Solid sample nice taste and nice dense bud terps were pretty good 4/5

  24. Jer (verified owner)

    Always nice to get a taste and sample something for a future buy.

  25. Phragram (verified owner)

    Gotten lots of these as I order often and they’re always a treat
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  26. Fast jay (verified owner)

    Great pick up
    Use code BOMB for $5 off!!!

  27. maxime89 (verified owner)

    Good gift maxime89 for 5 $ off

  28. Fast jay (verified owner)

    Great quality thank you
    Use code BOMB for $5 off !!!

  29. Fast jay (verified owner)

    Great thank you
    Use code BOMB for $5 off !!!

  30. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Always hard hitting and lets you try something new that you may want to add to the rotation.

  31. maxime89 (verified owner)

    Excellent gift Maxime89 for 5 $ off

  32. sativaguy (verified owner)

    The staff, ahem, I mean Wizards, have priced an absolute steal, received a one gram sample of Death Bubba. Grey ash, excellent burn. Sweet earthy smell and taste, with spicy lemon gassy notes, a bit muted but present. Death Bubba slaps and then escorts you to a dreamy comfortable place. This reminds a Wizard about a dream of an indica that craddled my body and tickled my mind. When I woke up, I was still dreaming, fully relaxed with a euphoric lifted mood and focus. OH MY GOD, am I an indica lover? Was I in the closet about it? Am I still dreaming? I’m a SATIVAGUY but I fell in love with an indica gal named D. Bubba. Do opposites attract? Find out for yourself.

    Thank you for your support, SATIVAGUY for $5 referral.

  33. WeedFairy11 (verified owner)

    The samples have always been fire so far

  34. maxime89 (verified owner)

    Maxime89 for 5 $ off

  35. DAVE420 (verified owner)

    Referral: ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ DAVE420

  36. Topher Graham (verified owner)

    Alwaysa down for a free gram. Greasy pink on That Pink vibe train Hard

  37. ShaddaDabba420 (verified owner)

    Samples are always fire got some
    Apple fritter it was delicious

  38. Jakub Sajnog (verified owner)

    Got some Dino Wizard and damn that was some straight gas! also had an odd but good terp profile that reminded me of the dentist office lol

  39. Abilaash (verified owner)

    Good Samples, 8/10 most times until I get an AAA bud, as I’m always a AAAA+ buyer here. Other than that amazing stuff as always.
    Use code: 135i for $5 off next purchase.

  40. Julien De Potter (verified owner)

    I got to say its nice to try some new flavours from time to time. Got the Oreoz this time it was very nice.

  41. Deegsclan (verified owner)

    Got Atomic Guava, very fruity very terpy. a good indica sample I’m hyped for the next one.

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