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Fresh Restock (December 13th)

5 woods per pack

8 packs per carton

Flavours: Dark Stout | Cognac | Honey Berry | Sweet Aromatic | Russian Cream | Honey Bourbon | Black Russians | Honey | Wild Rum | Dark Leaf | Banana | Original | Grape | Vanilla


Enjoy responsibly, This is a 19+ product

46 reviews for BACKWOODS

  1. Crashlady (verified owner)

    Great quality. Sealed fresh. Makes a great gift too.

  2. Tygucci (verified owner)

    Have bought the bourbon a couple times now and they are always fresh ! Great deal aswell!

  3. ICronic (verified owner)

    fresh woods. Code Saps for 5$ off

  4. KillerKush (verified owner)

    Banana 🔥. Use code MEDIC for that $5

  5. HSAUCE (verified owner)

    every time I bought these they are super fresh, great tag for the carton too use code GASSY for $5 off your order

  6. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    Fresh as always

  7. remi (verified owner)

    Fresh woods, 4/5 dark chocolate leafs

  8. Dom Latch (verified owner)

    10/10 can’t complain there backwoods lol.

  9. CblacksZ (verified owner)

    Always fresh no complaints!

  10. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    My order was out of stock so they sent a mixer pack of all different kinds. It’s the best option . I hope you offer full mixed cartons

  11. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    I just grabbed 5 packs of Russian Cream and they’re awesome. They peal open much easier than the ones you can get here. And they’re even cheaper!!! Thanks so much weedposters!! Please use my code BLUNT at checkout to save 5 bucks!

  12. Wethenorthhh (verified owner)

    Vanillas are super fresh

  13. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    The vanillas are out of this world!!!!

  14. braydenn8 (verified owner)

    black russians were too great

  15. Dom Latch (verified owner)

    Got the vanilla woods had good flavour just too many holes

  16. Reviews (verified owner)

    Super fresh batch of honey, crazy deal.

  17. KannaLyst (verified owner)

    Don’t see this in Canada much , so a great to get them w/o the duty n shipping , have had Cognac , Honey Bourbon, Wild Rumband Russian Cream , all very good , very fresh and you know it’s Legit w the Zip Lock , a must try in a blunt or as cigar , good tastey cigars

  18. Steven D (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with backwoods, grab em while you can ! 80$ is a steal USE CODE 420KING as referral for an extra 5$ off Enjoy kings!

  19. shayne campbell (verified owner)

    Banana was fresh and good!

  20. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    Grabbed honey berry. Super fresh. Great flavour. New favourite!

  21. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    Great freshness and quality on this new batch

  22. Sheenz (verified owner)

    Always the go-two with my purchases! Dark Stout, Honey Bourbon, Russian Cream 🙌🏾👌🏾

    Use referral Sheenz for $5 off on top on your discounts 🙂

  23. henney1996 (verified owner)

    Brought in vanilla and banana. my two favourites. super fresh and amazing price tag

  24. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    New drop is awesome! Super fresh very hard to find flavors! Thanks so much WP!

  25. spacey187 (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with a pack of woods 🪵

  26. Beykah (verified owner)

    Good cigars ! Very fragrant ! Got them just to try, but its too munch for me ! Made some friends happy tho ! Overall, perfect !

    Hey, wanna save another 5 bucks and also give me a 5$ credit ? Use referal code ‘Beykah’ ! Thanks !

  27. Z (verified owner)

    Been ordering woods here for a while and always been satisfied no hole real fresh. Would like the cognac to be cheaper tho so i can try them ahaha

  28. braydenn8 (verified owner)

    Honey berry Carton was a steal

  29. braydenn8 (verified owner)

    Honey berry was sweeter than the daylight

  30. Shaman0069 (verified owner)

    Always fresh backwood in here. Just love it !

  31. vandale514

    love backwoods

  32. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    Great carton of Russian cream

  33. Declan Hellier (verified owner)

    Moist perfect quality 👌

  34. shayne campbell (verified owner)

    Black russian was si fresh

  35. henney1996 (verified owner)

    cognac was SUPER fresh. amazing flavours for the gas they got in stock

  36. shoperz383883 (verified owner)

    when i pick up in larger quantities i find they aren’t as fresh however they’re excellent for the most part

  37. Wethenorthhh (verified owner)

    Best place to buy backwoods price is best around and the woods are always fresh never stale or dry really loving the Black Russians

  38. henney1996 (verified owner)

    great price on these backwoods. and always coming in super fresh. thanks WP

  39. Mist3rManiac

    Russian cream. Very fresh. Came vacuum sealed so no flavor or smell transfer to other items. Top has a ziplock strip to keep it fresh after opening but I put it another bag as well just to keep them extra fresh.

  40. Dereck Baril (verified owner)

    Always fresh and good tasting

  41. Shaman0069

    Fresh backwood 👌

  42. NoahSM

    My friend ordered a pack of Russian creams, fresh and cheap!

  43. WeedFairy11

    Wow these are fire!!
    They are super fresh and the honey ones taste sooo good
    Thanks so much WP!!

  44. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    These woods are always fresh. Never any issues. And best price I can find ! Thanks wp fam

  45. ktsaiks (verified owner)

    These backwoods are so fresh mine came in a pack with a zipper! Love the Russian creams they’re hard to come by . Tasty af

  46. pierre mathieu (verified owner)

    Good cigars the taste is nice

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