Free Random Poster with Every Order when added as a free gift at the cart page or via this product page.

We’re revamping our poster line-up. With each drop we will be releasing limited quantities (5-10 prints) of each design. Since this free poster is a random design, if you see a specific design you want – you can purchase it here. Each additional poster is $9.99.

Add additional posters to your order for $10 each here – Extra Posters

Add ONE free poster to your order! If multiple posters are added, ONLY ONE will be shipped.

  • Orders Over $200: Receive a complimentary LARGE (11″ x 17″) sized poster print.
  • Orders Under $150: Get a FREE SMALL (4″ x 6.25″) sized poster print

⚠️ Note: If you’re not eligible for a large print poster size, you’ll receive a small size even if a large is selected

About Our Posters:

  • All posters are printed on thick, high-quality glossy photo paper
  • Each design has been carefully commissioned or crafted by our talented in-house designers

Quality Guaranteed: Rest assured, our posters are not only visually stunning but also a testament to quality craftsmanship


121 reviews for FREE POSTER

  1. Bang4Buck (verified owner)

    These are great! Don’t forget to add one to your order!

    Referral code: “BANG” for $5 off your order!

  2. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Random mushroom 🍄

  3. echo (verified owner)

    i got a really cool cat poster!

  4. echo (verified owner)

    also got the mushrooms and the rick and morty from previous pick ups can’t forget to review these quality posters.

  5. echo (verified owner)

    also got the bikini anime one fireeee

  6. echo (verified owner)

    i got the awesome weed plant poster

  7. Bang4Buck (verified owner)

    My collection of these free posters is amazing!

    Referral code: “BANG” for $5 off your order!

  8. Reviews (verified owner)

    Super cool mushroom posters

  9. Cheese_Munster (verified owner)

    Nice quality posters, thick paper

  10. echo (verified owner)

    really nice posters at all times could never disappoint.

  11. Bang4Buck (verified owner)

    “fat mario” gave me a good laugh. high quality!

    Referral code: “BANG” for $5 off your order!

  12. TimeIsMoney003 (verified owner)

    best posters out there, don’t forget to get these

  13. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Gotta shroom poster, it’s ok.

  14. echo (verified owner)

    weedposters my pluggg!

  15. echo (verified owner)

    cute posters no cap

  16. Bang4Buck (verified owner)

    I got a design not listed. “fat mario” gave me a good laugh. Referral code: “BANG” for $5 off your order!

  17. SATIVAGUY (verified owner)

    Received Mario poster this time around. Very nice! SATIVAGUY for $5 off.

  18. iLoveBongs (verified owner)

    Great high quality posters! This is a return line up so I’m gunna try and finish my collection! Use code ZOOTED for $5 off. Much love!

  19. SATIVAGUY (verified owner)

    Great poster. SATIVAGUY for $5 off.

  20. iLoveBongs (verified owner)

    Very nice posters for a free gift, one of my favorite parts of this site! Don’t forget to use referral code BONGS for $5 off

  21. Fast jay (verified owner)

    Great pick up
    Use code BOMB for $5 off

  22. iLoveBongs (verified owner)

    These are some seriously nice posters for a free gift! Don’t forget to use referral code BONGS for $5 off and good luck on your order!

  23. Fast jay (verified owner)

    Great quality poster thank you
    Use code BOMB for $5 off !!!

  24. Zooted Connoisseur (verified owner)

    Amazing posters, my wall is covered, never change WP! Use code ZOOTED for $5 off!

  25. sativaguy (verified owner)

    Excellent posters! Referral code SATIVAGUY for $5 OFF.

  26. iLoveBongs (verified owner)

    Amazing as always but I miss being able to select specific designs!Please use code: BONGS in your referral!

  27. Topher Graham (verified owner)

    Decent Image , Good Quality preinting on good paper. Defenitly a hanger

  28. Zooted Connoisseur (verified owner)

    My wall is covered, never change WP! Use code ZOOTED for $5 off!

  29. Abilaash (verified owner)

    I really nice bonus when you order from this company.
    Use code: 135i for $5 off next purchase.

  30. Aimbot (verified owner)

    Best part of this website. Quality every time. Use code AIMBOT $5 off and good luck on your order!

  31. PARV420 (verified owner)

    Nice one

  32. Matt (verified owner)

    always wicked posters

  33. WeedFairy11 (verified owner)

    Some of the coolest posters. Have my entire wall filled up with these

  34. HighGrade (verified owner)

    As always amazing quality prints. Only wish they could get them in big poster sizes.

  35. ICronic (verified owner)

    Great quality don’t forget them

  36. Sap (verified owner)

    Nice posters don’t forget to add them 🙂

  37. Jeffrey hudon (verified owner)

    my grow room is full of those❤️

  38. Phragram (verified owner)

    Never received with my order 🙁

  39. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Cool art, another gem added to my collection.

  40. Streetlegal

    Amazing new designs

  41. vandale514 (verified owner)

    Iove all the wd posters art 😃😃😃

  42. Aimbot (verified owner)

    small but high quality! use code: AIMBOT to help out a struggling stoner!

  43. Streetlegal

    The new round of posters are awesome!

  44. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Got the Phoenix fields as a bonus poster, pretty cool!😎

  45. Thechronickid_00 (verified owner)

    The poster is always such a nice touch! Love the little pokemon dude. Code TCK for 5 off!

  46. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Got another weedemon, gotta catch em all 🥴

  47. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Super 😎

  48. Aimbot (verified owner)

    Loved my poster! Weedemon is so cute!

  49. Jon138 (verified owner)

    very good theme

  50. Hoopyour4head (verified owner)

    This new series is lit! Fantastic artwork!!!

  51. Wezus (verified owner)

    Been collecting the posters for years now, always have some amazing art to offer! The current selection is probably one of the best to date. They keep improving over time.

  52. Dubyou (verified owner)

    Always look forward to a new poster

  53. TERPZZ0 (verified owner)

    Always love grabbing one of these, every order

  54. chokerchain999 (verified owner)

    W posters

  55. 420sativa (verified owner)

    Use code 420sativa for 5 dollars off

  56. 420sativa (verified owner)

    Very nice

  57. Poco (verified owner)

    Love them! Got to catch them all

  58. Jobinne13 (verified owner)

    Very nice poster

  59. Jon138 (verified owner)

    Nice posters

  60. Mist3rManiac (verified owner)

    Posters are back! Love the new designs but we need more as I will have them all in less than 2 months.

  61. Joe (verified owner)

    Weedemon is lit

  62. vandale514 (verified owner)

    Nice the new one

  63. chicostick (verified owner)

    Mario poster is litt! Simpsons would be awesome too!

  64. Elijah Sparks (verified owner)

    Special delivery was nice

  65. SoleGlow (verified owner)

    a whole lotta fun! Pokémon was a big hit with everyone I know.
    Appreciate you WP!

  66. Streetlegal

    I love the Mario poster! Make me a Simpsons one!!

  67. Joe (verified owner)

    Great for background for nug shots.

  68. Weed Posters

    ontario cannabis store

  69. Elijah Sparks (verified owner)

    Don’t forget to add them to add em to your order, love the variety of art work

  70. LanceWp (verified owner)

    Good quality material, awesome to collect them all and always some badass art

  71. Jordan Elliott (verified owner)

    Great quality, cool little gift, neat addition

  72. Bigbudguy321 (verified owner)

    Always gotta add these, they have decorated by spare room!

  73. DAVE420 (verified owner)

    Nice collecting as a side :)__

  74. Hoopyour4head (verified owner)

    Always serving up the domestic art work for any green room!

  75. KannaLyst (verified owner)

    Love the characters the artist does, fr Catoons to TV shows like Trailer Park Boys and Rick n Morty , the smalls are post card size and large are like 2ft × 1ft in size ,cool designs for sure ,Weed n Posters ,use code KANNALYST for 5$ Off

  76. Maxime Clavette (verified owner)

    Super quality
    😁 CLAUVISS $$

  77. HighGrade

    Super high quality posters.
    WP bring back the Toronto Raptors poster 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  78. Reviews

    Always an extra bonus

  79. Justin B (verified owner)

    I really like these posters! Canr go wrong grabbing one each time I order!

  80. ShaddaDabba420 (verified owner)

    These posters are literally unreal. Its amazing that they brought back some of the classics. Gives me a chance to grab any of the ones ive missed. Thanks so much WP!! You guys are the best around!!

  81. Beykah (verified owner)

    Finally remembered to drop one in my cart ! Took the ”Candy Land” design ! Wish I knew who the artist is, cause the illustration is truly beautifull !

  82. Stc74 (verified owner)

    very nice vibrant colors, good design!

  83. Gelatonic (verified owner)

    Love the new artwork. Thanks so much for more wall art!

  84. Dmalle02 (verified owner)

    Love these posters! Got so many. Such a nice addition to a pack.

  85. vandale514 (verified owner)

    one love weed posters

  86. vandale514 (verified owner)

    i love all the poster i receive great art work

  87. Beykah (verified owner)

    ALWAYS forget to get them ! I’ll try to be more torough cauz these posters are really good quality. Got the BubbleGum machine one, the colors are so pretty ! Fits my computer setting perfectly !

    Hey, wanna save another 5 bucks and also give me a 5$ credit ? Use referal code ‘Beykah’ ! Thanks !

  88. pete masys

    Great buds n free posters too!
    Luv this site.

  89. Jasleen Singh (verified owner)

    I love this! Very creative

  90. braydenn8 (verified owner)

    blue poster was nicee

  91. Euan Hughes (verified owner)

    I love the trippy panda poster it’s so adorable 💙

  92. stephane collin (verified owner)

    thanks wd i love that poster

  93. chicostick (verified owner)

    Drake poster is pretty cool! Thank you wp again!

  94. jake simmons (verified owner)

    I always add one to each order, covered a whole wall in my smoke room with them. amazing unique designs!!

  95. chicostick (verified owner)

    Awesome cool posters for free what else can I say! Wp is the best out there!

  96. EyezStayRed (verified owner)

    These are always cool to get. They didn’t have the one I wanted but got 2 different ones instead which are still cool. Small ones can be used to roll up on when you’re in a rush like I was when I opened my pack lol.

  97. Theviny1234 (verified owner)

    Amazing art!!

  98. LekWeeEh

    Amazing posters and a wicked collection, I often too caught up on what to get I forget to add one to my cart. haha must grab though!

  99. Mist3rManiac (verified owner)

    Cool and interesting variety. It can be hard to remember to get one when your excited for a new drop.

  100. Mist3rManiac (verified owner)

    Cool and interesting variety. It can be hard to remember to get one when your excited for a new drop.

  101. Pete.ottawa (verified owner)

    Why do I always forget to add this to the cart?!? Oh yeah because I’m fucking stoned all the time 😂 ok next time for sure

  102. Ministry22 (verified owner)

    thanks for all the posters you give for free very apreciasted

  103. Radshow (verified owner)

    Gumball machine was beautiful. Don’t forget to add one of these posters.

  104. leoshkarr (verified owner)

    we can review the posters? oh cool

    so far my favourite one is the zombie alien – its just something about that narly oldschool MTV-style artwork

    Thank you for the posters!

  105. Shaman0069 (verified owner)

    Weedposters for life

  106. Mos420 (verified owner)

    I love these Posters
    Cyberpunk alien red is very well done great quality

  107. Reviews

    Always a bonus getting a cool poster, keep it up.

  108. ShaddaDabba420 (verified owner)

    Thanks WP! I’ve almost filled my wall with all the cool posters that i have received over time!

  109. WeedFairy11 (verified owner)

    These posters are always so cool
    They are always quality and the images and are very creative and look great on the wall

  110. Deegsclan (verified owner)

    Gotta love the posters. I’ve almost collected them all. Trailer Park Boys gotta be my favorite

  111. Theviny1234 (verified owner)

    Amazing art. Really nice thank you wp !

  112. Gelatonic (verified owner)

    The bubblegum and the mushroom prints are off the charts. Hurry to get one !

  113. jpllo34 (verified owner)

    Amazing art quality, my wall is looking amazing with those

  114. Gelatonic (verified owner)

    The paper quality is amazing and the artist is so fresh with fantastic colour schemes. I came for the posters and stayed for the weed. Lol

  115. malice6660 (verified owner)

    i grab these whenever possible. definitely dont forget to grab one of these before you checkout

  116. BloodShotEyez (verified owner)

    Very dope posters. Nice n vibrant got the skull n bong one and mushroom field alien one. Everyone that’s seen them wants me to get them one lol.

  117. henney1996

    Dope posters. Always forgetting to add one lol but TPB was by far my favourite. Trailer park boys man 🤣

  118. Jakub Sajnog (verified owner)

    Nice quality but it was the size of a postcard!

  119. Streetlegal

    I kick myself if I ever forget to add them. These newest ones are very cool!

  120. jpllo34 (verified owner)

    super nice posters as always

  121. shoperz383883

    best posters out there, don’t forget to get these

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