Godfather Tuna also known as “Tuna OG”, is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a phenotype of the classic Hindu Kush. When cracked open users will be met with very dense caked buds. Potent greasy thick smoke, should be consumed only by experienced users due to its strength. Couch lock / heavy indica lovers, this one is for you. When cracked open users will be hit with thick dank aromas of deep danky garbage and thick must. Very nice high end gas, this strain ticks all the boxes. Limited batch.

Our Grade: AAAA+

Cultivator: DEJI



  1. Abilaash (verified owner)

    This stain packs a punch, very strong stuff had me locked in on a couch high. 9.5/10
    Use code: 135i for $5 off next purchase.

  2. HighGrade (verified owner)


  3. HighGrade (verified owner)

    This batch was decent 🔥

  4. Isaac Hicks (verified owner)

    Great smell,flavor and burn
    buzz 7/10

  5. HowMuchCarn

    Worth every penny, smooth to the max.

  6. Stc74 (verified owner)

    Very powerful, I was couch-locked!

  7. Theodosios Alexiou (verified owner)

    Wow this shit is fire 10/10 all around
    Save $5 SAKI75

  8. leoshkarr (verified owner)

    I was really worried the price is part of some kinda inflation, but no its actually the best bud I’ve ever gotten from WP. Still a bit too pricey for me personally, but I needed something special for an important day.

  9. henney1996 (verified owner)

    10/10 gas. super pungent nose. sticky nugs. beautiful looking. cant comment on potency yet but everything looking super proper

  10. Math420 (verified owner)

    Straight gas!! Super potent, realy enjoy it!! Only complaine is the price but its well wort it soo.

    For a extra 5$ off on your next order use the referral PORN420

  11. Oliveiri

    Straight up gas really tasty and potent! 10/10 use (bloodclot) for discount

  12. HighGrade (verified owner)

    Only complained about these flowers is the price.
    Bad enough, the grocery stores, and everywhere else with their inflation, but from WP that’s disappointing.
    The inflation is real guys.
    Flowers are top-notch.
    Would definitely buy again at a fair price.

  13. oskee wee wee (verified owner)

    Strong buzz! Very clean, burns to one of the whitest ashes I’ve seen in a while. Not a strain to smoke if you need to be productive. Definitely a rebuy.

  14. Flower420

    Knocks your socks off!!!
    True “extreme gas” rating. Also extremely sticky. Anyone who has been searching and needs a heavy indica, couch-lock type bud. Look no further. Godfather Tuna is the bees knees.🔥🥇😤

  15. Crossbar (verified owner)

    Such a nice smoke!!⛽️💪💨
    A perfect sit my ass down high.
    Code: crossbar

  16. Naz (verified owner)

    This is the best smoke I have tried from wp! 10/10 hits all the check marks!

  17. Elliot (verified owner)

    Premium smoke 🔥🔥

  18. DAVE420 (verified owner)

    Nice premium smoke with a clean high.

  19. spacey187 (verified owner)

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 gas station ⛽ stop

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