NEXT LEVEL 1g THC Distillate Cartridges

Next Level Distillate Cartridges are made with only the highest quality distillate, weed terpenes, organic fruit terpenes for flavor, and a tiny amount of MCT oil to give you a 100% all-natural organic product, with 90% THC.

These contain No VG/PG & are strictly organic base/solvent free. The terpene profile on these pens are phenomenal as everything they produce is nug-run as opposed to trim/shake. All extracts are lab tested for THC & CBD levels, and also scrutinized for aroma, flavour, appearance, and effect.

Black Lime | Safety Meeting | Goofiez | Black Gas | Train Wreck | White Fire OG | Banana’s & Blow | Blue Dream (SOLD) | Gelato | Red Bullz | Ice Cram Cake | 9LB Hammer | Grease Monkey | Death Star | Pineapple Express (SOLD) | Gorilla Glue

Can request flavour in order notes, we will do our best to accommodate your selections.


10 reviews for NEXT LEVEL 1g THC Distillate Cartridges

  1. KannaLyst (verified owner)

    Very good vape carts for the Tag, although not true to been a Sativa or Indica they get the job done ,been ordering these for years ,use Code KAR For 5$ off refferal

  2. Beykah (verified owner)

    Made another order and this time tried the ”strain flavors” I forgot to post some reviews πŸ™ . Those were not my favorites, but gave them to a friend who found them incredible ! Said that he could taste the terpenes that he habitually found in the flowers. Overall, Big yes !

    Hey, wanna save another 5 bucks and also give me a 5$ credit ? Use referal code ‘Beykah’ ! Thanks !

  3. Beykah (verified owner)

    SO HECKING TASTY ! Got some fruity flavors to tru out, and all of them were extraordinary ! My favorite was the banana one ! Taste reminded me of thoses banana candies ! Orange was really good and refreshing too ! For the price, Its worth it !

    Hey, wanna save another 5 bucks and also give me a 5$ credit ? Use referal code ‘Beykah’ ! Thanks !

  4. Z (verified owner)

    Tried laughing budda and banana and blow both realy good banana taste like banana both sativa gave a good high will get again use code realz for 5

  5. Kextn (verified owner)

    forgot to mention that these carts are different than what im used to or ever had before from a dispensary or whatnot but they worked great, no issues. And .Also, code: KADESCODE is available for use for $5 off your order πŸ™‚
    Happy smoking and thanks to WP for being such a great site! Super stoked on the same day delivery and should be getting a package im about to order now (tues @ 1:30 am) and one i ordered yesterday at 10:30am but didn’t realize yall would have needed to receive payment by 11 for it to go out same day.
    Hoping the 2 packages get recognized and delivered together/ maybe i can get refunded one of the $15 shipping fees as they will (i assume) both be coming to me at the same time, later today (tuesday march 7th). But either way i just rushed to make the cutoff time and didnt order all i wanted, so hoping i can save that second shipping fee and that they both come today haha. First time doing this so im excited and anxiously hoping i receive today and then ill be even more blown away by how great WP is!’

  6. Kextn (verified owner)

    I got lemon tree, blue fire and pink romulan i think it was?
    I enjoyed these. The carts look kinda weird but for $25 each they did the job! Felt like they werent as strong as say the persona carts. And didnt taste as strong as say the gas gang carts. But these tasted more natural. Like actual strain terps and no artificial nonsense, atleast the ones i got.
    Some of them did have a tiny bit of strange or maybe one im just not so used to after taste but i figured it was just the taste of the distillate and it being more natural rather than some strong artificial pineapple flavour to cover it all up.
    All in all i was satisfied and will buy again.
    Bought 3 of these and 1 gas gang cart.
    Went to the gas gang one more but feel like that one went faster and i only went to it more bc the flavour was better, but it was more of a vape juice flavour than a natural strain terp type flavour.
    But again, all in all I was happy and I look forward to ordering and trying more of these once i get and go through my 5 gas gang ones i just ordered.

  7. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    Updated review. Some strains have artificial terps. The banana runtz have a strong fake banana taste. But the cement shoes and pink panties are fantastic.

  8. Stephane boutin (verified owner)

    Potent and taste good , love the way it’s made and never clogged

  9. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    These are the best carts I’ve had. True cannabis terps. Crazy potant.

  10. Gabriel beaulieu (verified owner)


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