Shatter Selection: Mint Chocolate Chip | Lemon Cherry Pie | Zoap | Biscotti | Amaretto Sour

This shatter is made from premium quad buds only. Fun fact: The Mint Chocolate Chip shatter is made from our AAAA+ flower 🙂

The strains pictured are Lemon Cherry Pie (Cheese looking one) & Mint Chocolate Chip (paper thin).

Extremely clean terpy smoke! Super Limited quantities of this batch!

Cultivator: LSO GEM


23 reviews for PREMIUM SHATTER

  1. maxime89 (verified owner)

    Biscoti is amazing maxime89 for 5 $ off

  2. kushie5136 (verified owner)

    This is good stuff🔥🔥🔥

  3. KillerKush (verified owner)

    Gas daddy was mellow 🔥. Use code MEDIC for that $5

  4. gee mo (verified owner)

    enjoyed it!

  5. Jeffrey hudon

    gas daddy is clean use BACKYARD code for a gift

  6. PARV420 (verified owner)

    Gas daddy amazing deal must grab so high

  7. Michael Barbara Robles (verified owner)

    Amazing deal for what you get almost better than most 30$ grams.

  8. Alex (verified owner)

    Nice body buzz

  9. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    Super soaker is noticeably gassy

  10. Aimbot (verified owner)

    Great quality for the price! However, it is the same price as their live resin which is arguably superior. Use code: AIMBOT to help out a struggling stoner!

  11. Wawowa (verified owner)

    Gas daddy is nice

  12. hit4party (verified owner)

    best $10 dabs youre gonna find

    code HIT4PARTY to save us both $5

  13. Sleezo (verified owner)

    this is great need more

  14. Steve Rikipersaud (verified owner)

    Really good shatter. This beats the stuff I’ve tried at the dispensary by a long shot. I’m talking $30 – $50 grams. Amazing bang for your buck!
    I grabbed the mcjagger and it slaps

  15. jakewebster (verified owner)

    Kinda crazy quality for 10$. No brainer. Not even roatchy or anything, it burns really smooth and nice. Master Kush was tasty. Use WAKEJEBSTER for 5$ off referral. PEACE FAM

  16. Wezus (verified owner)

    For the price this was an amazing deal @ $10/g. Smooth smoke, decent taste and potency. Rivals some shatters I’ve had in the $25 – $30 range. Use code WEZUS for $5 off!

  17. Stc74 (verified owner)

    Soft on the throat, I do big dab, good shatter for the price.

  18. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    Quality shatter

  19. DAVE420 (verified owner)

    Decent for price! Can’t wait to try more flavours!! code DAVE420

  20. 420sativa

    My buddy gave me some of his and it’s p good use me code for 5 dollars off! 420sativa

  21. Streetlegal (verified owner)

    The master kush tastes great. Kushy/gassy. Not generic shatter taste.

  22. WoodyWoodman (verified owner)

    Excellent shatter. Value is off the charts. I remember a gram being 35 now a hq is 35. Change I can get behind.

  23. HighGrade

    This was some super strong well done Shatter 🔥🔥🔥

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