Shermz Pre-Rolls is a premium pre-roll brand offering a variety of different Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Regular and king-size singles + 5 packs of singles available. All buds, never shake


High-Class Singles (1 Gram AAAA Flower + Rosin): Sativa | Indica

5-Pack of Singles (5 x 1 Gram Flower): Sativa | Indica

8-Pack of Singles (8 x 0.7 Grams Flower): Sativa | Hybrid | Indica

Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $12.50.

7 reviews for SHERMZ PRE-ROLLS

  1. IHDT (verified owner)

    Amazing and worth it. I had high class single in indica and sativa. Incredible

  2. Libbey (verified owner)

    J’ai essayé le Sativa et le hybride, très bon joint bien roulé, goûtait très bon et brûlait très bien. Le buzz claque fort et je suis un habitué

  3. Médérick Desmarais-duval (verified owner)

    Kief blend single can’t wait to try it out

  4. Médérick Desmarais-duval (verified owner)

    I got the 5 pack blue fin tuna and 2 kief blend single can’t wait to try it tonight never disappointed

  5. Beykah (verified owner)

    Got the single infused joint. That bad boy got me as high as the moon. Overall very good experience ! Even came with a cute litle ceramic filter !

  6. LanceWp (verified owner)

    I had the high class single and my god. That thing sent me to mars. Burnt slow and smooth. Packed perfectly. Would pick up again.

  7. Sleezo (verified owner)

    The blue fin tuna 5 pack slaps perfect burn taste GAS!

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