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Hamilton Weed – Buying Weed Online in Hamilton, Ontario

Are you on the hunt for Hamilton, Ontario’s top online dispensary with speedy one-day delivery? Weed Posters is Hamilton’s most affordable cannabis brand. This includes outstanding customer service. Our wide selection of weed includes everything from edibles and extracts to premium and budget cannabis strains. There are hybrids, indica, sativa, psilocybin mushrooms, rolling accessories, vapes, and more. Browse our diverse range of products and place your order today!

Weed Stores in Hamilton and the Hamilton Region

A “cannabis dispensary” is commonly referred to as a weed store. It primarily offers products like dried marijuana flower in Hamilton, but the inventory extends much further. These stores also stock a variety of other items including edibles, glass bongs, cannabis oils, pre-rolled joints, rolling papers, backwoods, stylish pipes, and wraps. Canada’s federal agency Health Canada oversees the regulation of these dispensaries. Health Canada implements stringent regulations to guarantee public health and enhance the fun that comes with cannabis experience. They try to ensure that all products are clearly labeled with their THC and CBD content. Hamilton dispensaries must adhere to these regulations and are not allowed to sell cannabis products to minors.

What is Online Mail-Order Marijuana (MOM)?

Hamilton’s online weed dispensaries like the well-known Weed Posters online shop and brand, serve as online stores where you can buy cannabis and mushrooms directly through the internet. These online platforms allow you to place an order from the comfort of your home. You’re able to choose your products securely and have it professionally delivered right to your doorstep through Canada Post. With services like Weed Posters, purchasing cannabis is made simple regardless of your distance from a physical dispensary. These online stores offer a wide variety of products and enhance the convenience and ease of buying marijuana online.

What Can You Buy at Hamilton Weed Dispensaries? 

Cannabis dispensaries in Hamilton like Weed Posters offer a wide array of products that cater to various preferences. Dispensary inventories include rolling papers, brands of magic mushrooms like Zoom, vapes, stylish bongs, edibles, decorative pipes, marijuana flower, concentrates, and CBD products. These products serve lots of similar and unique purposes, which makes these stores ideal for all types of cannabis enthusiasts and their preferred methods of consumption. Marijuana is usually smoked, but it can also be consumed in many other ways. THC and CBD are available in delicious edibles, and concentrates are typically consumed through vaporization or “dabbing.” Vaping is a growingly popular method for ingesting many cannabis products and CBD can also be consumed through edibles or vapes. The ruse of psychedelic mushrooms in Canada is also exploding. Both weed and shrooms provide distinct experiences and benefits. If you’re interested in trying psychedelic mushrooms or sticking with traditional cannabis products, dispensaries like Weed Posters are equipped to meet the needs you want for your health and highs.

Here’s a list of the products sold at weed dispensaries in:

  • Bud (also known as flower)

  • Art (Posters, Rolling Trays, Stickers)

  • Edibles (THC, CBD, Psilocybin)

  • Capsules

  • Bongs, Papers, Pipes, Dab Rigs

  • Concentrates

  • Vapes

  • Pre-Rolls



What Cannabis Strains are at Hamilton Weed Dispensaries

Weed Posters is a well-known weed dispensary in the cannabis enthusiast community. Weed posters, boasts a wide selection of cannabis strains. Some favourites are their Wizard strains, including classics like Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Pink, Cheese, Blue Dream, and God’s Green Crack, as well as other popular varieties such as Granddaddy Purple, and Pink Kush. Weed Posters offers a long list of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains which makes them perfect for anyone of all weed preferences. Weed dispensaries in Hamilton feature pre-rolled joints in a variety of strains, and weed can be purchased in bulk and individual packs.

The many weed strains are graded from AA to AAAA+, and are noted on all strains including well-liked choices in Canada including Durban Poison, Acapulco Gold, and Maui Wowie. When choosing your ideal strain, it may be one that’s more calming Indica Northern Lights, or something more energizing like a Sativa Super Lemon Haze. You may, however, prefer a balanced hybrid like Blue Widow. Nonetheless, the perfect fit is out there for you at Weed Posters and will help users find the perfect fit for their specific needs.

Sativa strains such as Acapulco Gold are known for their uplifting and energizing effects, perfect for daytime activities. Indica strains like Granddaddy Purple are renowned for their deep relaxation properties and sleep-enhancing effects. This makes them ideal for evening use before you go to bed. For those looking for a balance, hybrid strains like Blue Widow provide a mixture of soothing relaxation feelings and are suitable for a variety of settings.

Pre-rolled joints offer a convenient way to enjoy these strains. A classic one is OG Kush. They eliminate the need for you to try your hand at rolling a perfect joint. Instead, it allows you to enjoy your choice of cannabis without the hassle

CBD and THC Edibles 

Cannabis dispensaries offer a broad selection of edibles and are infused with either THC for their psychoactive effect, or CBD for health benefits without the high feeling. The variety includes sweet treats like gummies, lollipops, and fruit chewies, as well as savory items such as cookies, energy bars, and chocolate bars. The range of edibles extends to baked goods and drinks. No matter the form, they are crafted to provide a tasty and inconspicuous method of consuming cannabis. There are near endless options. Whether you enjoy your THC as a cool beverage, a decadent chocolate piece, or a soft gummy, there are flavors and types to satisfy everyone.

Weed Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates come in various forms each distinct in production methods and characteristics:

  • Hash involves separating trichomes from the cannabis plant to condense its core elements into a compact form.
  • Diamonds are created through a meticulous extraction method that purifies trichomes into clear crystalline structures known for their purity and high potency.
  • Shatter stands out with its glass-like clarity achieved through a precise process of heating and then quickly cooling.
  • Budder is known for its creamy texture created by blending plant material with a solvent.
  • Oil is one of the most familiar types of cannabis concentrate appreciated for its adaptability and strong effects.
  • Live Resin captures the plant’s fresh aromas and flavors by freezing the material before extraction.
  • Terp Sauce is made by enhancing plant material with terpenes to boost its aromatic properties.

Each type of concentrate provides a distinctive experience allowing users to choose based on taste texture and the specific effects they are looking for.


Weed Vapes

Weed vapes offer a straightforward method to vaporize cannabis and provide a quick and discreet alternative to traditional smoking. Leading brands in the weed vape industry include Pax, Storz & Bickel, and Grenco Science. Users can select from various products such as disposable vape pens for single-use, pre-filled cartridges, and comprehensive vape kits that can be customized to individual preferences. A typical vape pen consists of a few main parts: the body of the pen, the vape juice, a cartridge, and a battery which contains varying concentrations of CBD and THC for different effects.

Cannabidiol Products

Discover our varied and efficient range of cannabidiol CBD products. These products are crafted to deliver a delightful and tasty CBD experience! Our collection includes numerous choices like CBD gummies, oils, chocolates, capsules, vapes, and flowers. We provide the purest form of CBD isolates for those interested in the purest form of CBD. We also feature CBD topicals which are perfect for applying directly to the skin.

Magic Mushroom Products

Step into the fascinating world of magic mushrooms which are celebrated for their psychedelic effects and numerous health benefits. These mushrooms are available in Canada in various forms, including traditional dried shrooms, as well as gummies, chocolates, teas, and capsules from well-known brands like “Zoom.” Magic mushrooms are not only versatile in the ways they can be consumed—suitable for both large doses and microdosing—but, they are also recognized for enhancing mood, boosting creativity, enhancing the vibe, and supporting neurogenesis, and aiding in the management of anxiety, stress and depression. Discover the potential of magic mushrooms and explore these products through trusted brands and mail-order services like Weed Posters.

Why Buy Weed Online through Online Dispensaries: Benefits of an Online Weed Dispensary?

Opting to purchase marijuana through online dispensaries in Hamilton brings several benefits compared to traditional storefronts. These virtual stores boast a larger assortment of premium strains at more attractive prices, and you can buy in bulk. The addition of home delivery enhances convenience significantly, making it ideal for residents of remote or densely populated areas like Hamilton, Vancouver, and Montreal. It’s particularly advantageous for those with physical limitations or packed schedules. Online dispensaries prioritize secure transactions, safeguarding your privacy and enabling a worry-free purchase from the comfort of your own home. This method is tailored for individuals who appreciate straightforward and secure shopping processes.

Advantages of Buying Weed Online in Hamilton:

  • Greater Selection: Access a wider variety of cannabis products than those typically available at local stores.
  • Direct Delivery: High-quality cannabis is delivered straight to your door. This eliminates travel and saves you time.
  • Enhanced Safety: Avoid the risks associated with unreliable dealers by shopping in a safe online environment.
  • Cost-Effective: Shopping online often provides better deals, reducing the overall cost to you.
  • Educated Decisions: Detailed descriptions and customer reviews on online platforms help you make knowledgeable choices about the cannabis strains you select.
  • Discreet Purchases: You can order cannabis discreetly, maintaining privacy without visiting a store.



Weed Legalization in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

On October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act was implemented. This officially legalized recreational cannabis in Hamilton, a shift from its previous legal status which limited use to medicinal purposes. The shift toward legalization responded to increasing public backing. This was demonstrated by a 2015 survey in which 64% of Canadians supported legalizing cannabis. The government acknowledged this change in public sentiment and decided to legalize cannabis.


This legal adjustment has significantly stimulated the Canadian economy by boosting both online and brick-and-mortar cannabis sales. The cannabis industry is estimated to be worth about $12 billion and has been instrumental in creating numerous jobs. The taxation of cannabis sales has not only generated substantial revenue for the government but also contributed to a marked increase in the nation’s income. This legislative shift has allowed Canadians to enjoy cannabis in a much safer and well-regulated setting and become a part of Canadian identity.

What is the Best Website to Buy Weed Online in Hamilton?

Weed Posters offers an extensive range of high-quality cannabis products at competitive prices. Since 2019 Weed Posters has been working with local and British Colombian growers, since they work with growers they are able to offer a consistent strain rotation and low prices. Our inventory features edibles, concentrates, shrooms, vapes, marijuana flowers, and various weed-themed posters. 

Weed Posters Coupons, Sales, Deals, and Promotions

Here are some of the advantages of shopping at

  • Fresh strains released weekly
  • Live budtenders are available to assist you at any hour via email.
  • Deliveries accessible across Canada.
  • One-day dispatch in Hamilton and the rest of the GTA.
  • Obtain ounces starting at $49.99.
  • Referral coupons.
  • Invite friends and family to earn free weed.
  • Frequent promotions for Posters smoke club members.
  • A vast selection of popular weed strains and some of the most renowned brands.
  • Regular giveaways and promotions for Poster Smoke Club members.

Make an Account with Weed Posters to Join the Exclusive Poster Smoke Club

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How to Make an Order with Hamilton Weed Posters

To become a member of Weed Posters you do not need a prescription! All we need is for you to confirm that you’re 19+.

FAQs About Buying Weed in Hamilton:

Yes! you can buy weed from an online cannabis dispensary in Hamilton. Weed Posters is a the number one most reputable cannabis dispensary that offers fast 1-3 day weed delivery in the Hamilton.

Nope! you do not need a doctor’s prescription or anything like it to buy weed in Hamilton. Weed Posters just requires age verification.

Simple. It’s incredibly simple to sign up for Weed Poster’s weed delivery service. Just go to our website and verify that you are 19+. Once you do that you’ll be able to buy anything on the website.

Weed Posters uses Canada Post’s fast and efficient Xpresspost delivery service for all purchases. The majority of orders will arrive at your home in Hamilton within 1 day.

Weed Posters delivers a variety of cannabis and weed related products right to your doorstep in Hamilton. This including shrooms, buds, edibles, posters, concentrates, and extracts. Weed Posters sources their top-quality products from all across Canada.

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