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Toronto Weed – Buy Weed Online in Toronto, Ontario

Searching for the best online dispensary in Toronto, Ontario with quick one day delivery? We at Weed Posters offer the lowest cannabis prices in Toronto in combination with the best in customer care. Nearly unlimited options can be purchased through us including have everything from edibles, extracts, gas, AAAA+, budget strains, hybrids, indica, sativa, psilocybin shrooms, rolling supplies, vapes, etc.. Explore our many products and place your order today!


Weed Stores in Toronto and the Toronto Region

A “cannabis dispensary” is often called a weed store. It sells cannabis products like dried marijuana flower and much more. Although Toronto dispensaries focus on selling dried cannabis flowers, many other products are for sale. This includes edibles, glass bongs, cannabis oils, pre-rolled joints and individual papers, backwoods, cool pipes, and wraps. Canada’s federal agency Health Canada ensures that cannabis dispensaries are appropriately regulated. They enforce the set of strict rules to ensure public safety and enjoyment of weed. This includes the requirement for all products to be properly labelled marked with their THC and CBD levels. This applies to Toronto dispensaries, and these dispensaries are not allowed to sell cannabis to anyone underage.

What is Online Mail-Order Marijuana (MOM)?

Toronto’s online weed dispensaries like the most popular ‘Weed Posters’ brand and platform works like a digital storefront to purchase weed straight through the internet. By using mail-order marijuana, you’re placing an order online, and the product you order is carefully and professionally shipped directly to your home or address. Online dispensaries like Weed Posters make it easy to buy cannabis from the comfort of your own home, supplying an extensive range of products. It doesn’t matter how far you are from your nearest cannabis dispensary, you can use mail-order marijuana platforms to purchase weed with ease and convenience.

What Can You Buy from Burlington Online Marijuana Dispensaries? 

Cannabis dispensaries supply a diverse selection of items. These include papers, magic mushroom brands like Zoom, vapes, cool bongs, edibles, artsy pipes, marijuana flower, concentrates, and CBD-based products. The many different products sold in these stores have countless unique uses making these stores perfect for all kinds of enthusiasts and their favourite ways to get high. Marijuana is typically smoked, but that’s not the only way to consume it. THC and CBD can be infused into tasty and convenient edible products. Concentrates usually have to be vaporized through “dabbing”. CBD is able to be ingested or digested through vape or through edible form. It’s common to to inhale most weed products through vapes. You can’t forget Canadian’s growing use of shrooms as well. Weed and shrooms offer different experiences and benefits. Your average Marijuana dispensary is likely to stock what any of these products that you would be looking to try. Want to give psychedelic mushrooms a go? Or do you just want to consume standard weed products? Either way weed dispensaries are perfect for your needs.

Here’s a list of the most common products sold at weed dispensaries in:

  • Bud (also known as flower)

  • Art (Posters, Rolling Trays, Stickers)

  • Edibles (THC, CBD, Psilocybin)

  • Capsules

  • Bongs, Papers, Pipes, Dab Rigs

  • Concentrates

  • Vapes

  • Pre-Rolls



What Cannabis Strains are at Toronto Weed Dispensaries

There are many strains sold at weed dispensaries. Weed Posters supplies the widest selection of strains, featuring well-known strains such as Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Pink, Cheese, Blue Dream, God’s Green Crack and a ton more. Strains come in the categories of Indica, Sativa, and hybrids, with many different strains within them. Also available are pre-rolled joints with plenty of different strains that include bulk options as well as smalls. A grading system is used for strains as they range from AA to AAAA+. Some more weed strains that are common amongst Canadians are Cookies, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer. Selecting the ideal strain, whether it’s the soothing indica strain Northern Lights, the energizing sativa strain Jack Herer, or a well-rounded hybrid like Girl Scout Cookies, can guide you in finding the perfect match for your needs.

Indica strains like Purple Kush offer incredible relaxation and can enhance sleep quality, making them ideal to use prior to sleeping. On the other hand, Sativa strains such as Super Silver Haze are known for their energizing and mood-elevating effects, perfect for outdoor activities. For those seeking a balance of effects, hybrid strains like White Widow deliver a harmonious blend of relaxation and subtle euphoria, suitable for both social and personal introverted enjoyment.


Pre-rolled joints offer a convenient solution and contain a wide variety of strain selections, including the famous Cheese strain. Pre-rolls let the smoker enjoy the weed without having to spend valuable time rolling it themselves.

THC and CBD Edibles 

Cannabis dispensaries provide a wide array of tasty edibles. They are infused with either THC for a psychoactive experience or CBD for therapeutic benefits without the high. There are so many tasty edibles like gummies, lollipops, and straps. There are also savory snacks like cookies and chocolate bars. Edibles provide options for everyone. The menu often includes a range of baked goods and beverages, all designed to offer a delicious and discreet way to consume cannabis. Whether you prefer to consume your THC through refreshing drink, a rich chocolate bite, or a chewy candy, dispensaries have options for all taste preferences.

Weed Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates come in various forms, each distinct in production methods and characteristics:

  • Terp Sauce is crafted by enriching plant material with terpenes. This intensifies its aromatic qualities.
  • Hash is produced through the isolation of trichomes from the cannabis plant. This captures its essence in a dense form.
  • Shatter is known for its glass-like appearance. This is achieved through a meticulous process of heating and rapid cooling.
  • Budder achieves its creamy consistency by mixing plant material with a solvent. This leads to its smooth texture.
  • Oil is perhaps the most widely recognized form of cannabis concentrate. It is often valued for its versatility and potency.
  • Live Resin preserves the plant’s fresh profile by freezing the material prior to extraction. This allows it to maintain its vibrant flavors and scents.
  • Diamonds are the result of a precise extraction process that isolates trichomes and refines them into pure, crystal-like formations. This produces their purity and potency.

Each type offers a unique experience and allows enthusiasts to make selections based on flavor, texture, and the desired high they’re seeking.

Weed Vapes

Weed vapes provide a convenient way to vaporize cannabis products. Thy simplify smoking THC through a quick and discreet method. A typical vape pen is composed of several key components: the pen body, a battery, a cartridge, and the vape juice, which is infused with CBD and THC for varying effects. Consumers have several options to choose from. These options include disposable vape pens for one-time use, pre-filled cartridges, and complete vape kits that allow for user-specific vaping experiences. Prominent brands in the weed vape market include Pax, Storz & Bickel, and Grenco Science.

Cannabidiol Products

Explore our diverse and effective selection of CBD products designed for a pleasurable and flavorful CBD experience! Our assortment contains a variety of options like CBD gummies, oils, chocolates, capsules, vapes, and flowers. We also offer CBD topicals, ideal for direct application to skin. There are also CBD isolates for those seeking the most refined form of CBD.

Magic Mushroom Products

Step into the captivating world of magic mushrooms! Known for their psychedelic properties, shrooms are available in a variety of forms across Canada. You can find these psychedelic mushrooms in traditional dried formats, as well as through gummies from renowned Canadian brands like “Zoom”, along with other options like chocolates, teas, and capsules. Whether you prefer to do larger doses or like to microdose, mushrooms offer versatility in how they can be consumed. Beyond their psychedelic effects, magic mushrooms are also valuable for their numerous health benefits. They have been proven to boost mood, increase creativity, support neurogenesis, and assist in managing anxiety and depression. Explore the potential of magic mushrooms through trusted brands like Zoom. These shrooms are available through mail-order services like Weed Posters.

Why Buy Weed Online through Mail-Order Marijuana: Benefits of an Online Weed Dispensary?

Choosing mail-order marijuana from online dispensaries in Toronto offers advantages over traditional retail shops. These dispensaries provide a wider selection of high-quality strains at better prices, and you can often buy in larger quantities. Home delivery adds significant convenience and is ideal for those in remote areas as well as busy urban centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. It’s especially beneficial for people with limited mobility or tight schedules. Online dispensaries also ensure secure transactions in order to maintain your privacy and allow you to confidently purchase cannabis without leaving home. This approach to purchasing weed is perfect for those who value simplicity and safety in their buying process.

Why Should You Consider Buying Weed Online in Toronto?

  • Buying weed online means you can enjoy high-quality cannabis delivered directly to your doorstep at affordable prices.
  • Online purchases allow you to shop confidently without questioning the quality of your weed.
  • You save both time and money by having your weed delivered and eliminate the need to travel.
  • Online shopping provides privacy, as you can buy weed without showing your face in public.
  • It offers a safer shopping experience and avoids the risks associated with sketchy dealers.
  • You have access to a broader range of products than what might be available at local dispensaries.
  • Online platforms often provide detailed product descriptions and reviews, this helps you make informed choices about the strains you purchase.



Weed Legalization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Cannabis Act was enacted on October 17, 2018. It marked the official legalization of recreational cannabis in Toronto. Prior to this, cannabis was only legal for medicinal use. The change was largely made due to growing public support. This was highlighted by a 2016 poll where 61% of Canadians favored legalization. Recognizing this shift in public opinion, the government moved to legalize cannabis.


This legislative change has greatly boosted the Canadian economy. It has enhanced both online and physical retail cannabis sales. The cannabis market is now valued at around $10 billion and has created numerous jobs. The taxation of cannabis sales has generated significant government revenue and contributed to a large increase in national income. Most importantly, Canadians are now enjoying cannabis in a safer and regulated environment.

What is the Best Mail-Order Marijuana Website in Toronto?

Weed Posters provides a diverse selection of top-quality cannabis products. Our inventory includes marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes, shrooms, and weed posters, among others. Weed Posters offers unbeatable prices and options alongside the best in customer service.

Weed Posters Coupons, Deals, Sales and Promo

Here are some of the benefits of shopping at

  • One-day shipping in Toronto and the rest of the GTA
  • Deliveries anywhere in Canada
  • Referral Codes
  • Refer friends and family to earn free weed
  • Weekly promotions and giveaways for Poster Smoke Club members
  • Shipping is free for orders over $129
  • Weekly promotions for members
  • A massive range of widespread weed strains and some of the most well-known brands
  • Buy ounces as low as $49.99
  • If you’re not happy with the product, we’ll refund your money.
  • Live budtenders can help you at any time of day.

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How to Make an Order with Toronto Weed Posters

To become a member of Weed Posters, you do not need a prescription! All we need is for you to verify that you are 19+.

FAQs About Weed Posters in Toronto

Yes, you can buy weed from an online cannabis dispensary in Toronto. Weed Posters is a the number one most reputable cannabis dispensary that offers fast 1-3 day weed delivery in the Toronto.

No, you do not need a doctor’s prescription or anything like it to buy weed in Toronto. Weed Posters just requires age verification.

It’s incredibly simple to sign up for Weed Poster’s weed delivery service. Just go to our website and verify that you are 19+. Once you do that, you’ll be able to buy anything on the website.

Weed Posters uses Canada Post’s fast and efficient Xpresspost delivery service for all purchases. The majority of orders will arrive at your home in Toronto within 1 day.

Weed Posters delivers a variety of cannabis and weed related products right to your doorstep in Toronto. This including shrooms, buds, edibles, posters, concentrates, and extracts. Weed Posters sources their top-quality products from all across Canada.

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