Each disposable Gas Gang Vape Pen contains either 1 OR 2 Grams of distillate. Gas Gang pens are best known for their super prominent flavourful profiles.

40+ Flavours: Unicorn Poop, Grape, Peach, Orange Crush, Blackberry, Cherry Cola, Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Cinnamon toast + More*

*There are so many flavours that we need to sell them at random, if you’d like to recommend a specific strain/indica or sativa please include in the order notes


We also have Gas Gang Cartridges available here


38 reviews for GAS GANG VAPE PEN

  1. Use code TERPS (verified owner)

    I just received a replacement pen. My first one was malfunctioning. Customer service helped me out and gave me a credit.

    Use code TERPS

  2. echo (verified owner)

    sour diesel joe biden 😂⛽️🔥

  3. echo (verified owner)

    bubblegum literally taste like bubblegum and gas too

  4. Use code TERPS (verified owner)

    Such a good deal.

    use code TERPS

    try out the sativa pen and save with my amazing code.

    I love u

  5. echo (verified owner)

    black berry has a solid berry taste and little bit of gas and earthy taste at the end.

  6. echo (verified owner)

    Blue dream is on point, reminds me of 2016 high and taste will get again.

  7. echo (verified owner)

    white widow taste like straight distillate potent tho

  8. echo (verified owner)

    Got gushers fruity gassy terps hybrid high

  9. echo (verified owner)

    got Pineapple express shits gas and piney terps. fire

  10. echo (verified owner)

    quality for the price cant nobody beat it. gas gang pens are solid nice

  11. echo (verified owner)

    gasgang 🔥🔥🔥 price and deals they got no other sites could beat.

  12. echo (verified owner)

    got 3 pens asked for gas and exotic terps only and i they pulled through love these pens especially wit the weed poster deal.

  13. maxime89 (verified owner)

    Nice taste maxime89 for 5$off

  14. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    A lot of heavy flavours, my group enjoyed it but probably wouldn’t grab it again.

  15. Lptheboss (verified owner)

    Nice pens , not a fan of the terps i got the cherry one

  16. Andrew Talbot

    Good pens/potency. Terps didn’t last too long but were good when they did.

  17. Stc74 (verified owner)

    Good pen!

  18. 420sativa

    Pretty good pens use my code “ sativa420”

  19. Reviews (verified owner)

    Great pens at a great value. Flavours are really interesting, some are hit or miss but overall I really like them.

  20. Jasleen Singh (verified owner)

    pink kush tasted amazing! attractive designs!

  21. thebadguy96 (verified owner)

    This is product is it. easy to use, sleek and affordable. not only does it taste great ( Gummy bear) but gets you feeling grate no time. BETTER THAN ANY PEN YOU CAN GET AT YOUR LOCAL DISPO.

  22. Theviny1234 (verified owner)

    Nice pen, taste good, grest potency !

    thank you wp !

    Use code theviny for 5$ off next order! 🙂

  23. Toe Nail

    Best pen ever! They taste good

  24. jake simmons (verified owner)

    i love gas gangs. love the design. i buy 5 at a time and weedposters never fail with the selection. the high is magnificent. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  25. spacey187 (verified owner)

    Great pen love gas gang and WP always comes clutch

  26. Kyle Pothecary (verified owner)

    Oh yaI forgot to drop a star cause they seem to clog a lot distillate comes up to the mouth piece which needs to be cleaned. I find the best way to unclog is to blow hard on the bottom of the pen till smoke blows out the mouth piece. This seems to happen in the cold a lot.

  27. Kyle Pothecary (verified owner)

    Amazing flavour, great strain options the unicorn poop is absolutely delightful!! 🦄💩😋

  28. henney1996 (verified owner)

    great deal. the pulls are great. really hits hard. got the green apply hybrid. great energizing daytime smoke and quite terpy without being too artificial. it was nice

  29. Reviews (verified owner)

    Green Apple tastes just like a caramel apple pop sucker. Great for on the go.

  30. Reviews (verified owner)

    Hubba Bubba is spot on flavour wise, great for on the go.

  31. Julien Charbonneau (verified owner)

    Pretty good stuff , good high and the pen itself is pretty sleek

  32. Gabriel beaulieu (verified owner)

    Best penwax ever

  33. Gabriel beaulieu (verified owner)

    Best qualité price

  34. Gabriel beaulieu (verified owner)

    Best qualité price🤙🏽

  35. Yarp (verified owner)

    Loves these guys.
    They’re sleek , hard hitting and tasty as heck. The white coloured variations are definitely and improvement, they hit harder, leading to more flavour. My favourites out of my order are
    -super lemon haze sativa
    -pineapple express hybrid
    – lucky charms hybrid

  36. shoperz383883 (verified owner)

    best pens in the market, never had one that didn’t. work or ran into problems with. huge selection of flavours and good prices

  37. Weedlykush (verified owner)

    The pen itself is super sleek and very discrete looks just like a regular vape. Just the right amount of terps, so the taste is pretty decent(tried the trix and jolly rancher). The battery lasted all day. Very mild throat hit is the only setback. Overall a good buy

  38. Streetlegal

    I got 3 pens. 2 pink kush and one cereal milk. The pink kush pens are amazing. They taste just like shatter or live resin. But the cereal one was too artifical tasting for me.

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