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Incredible deal for true high-quality live resin

Live Resin is a concentrate made by flash-freezing plant material that has yet to be dried or cured. This process allows for the complete plant and all its compounds to be extracted. This means that there is a higher concentration of terpenes present, and an overall more complex, fuller flavour. Extracts that capture the complete chemical profile allow consumers to retain the full aromatic dabbing experience! Not only is this product tasty, but also very potent. Ideal for those looking for a long-lasting high guided by terps. Smooth on the throat.

Premium Live Resin Selection (photos in order):

Grapefruit Haze | Dragon’s Blood | Jungle Cake | Blueberry Cookies

52 reviews for LIVE RESIN FSE

  1. jbmh

    ×××DNB to save $5×××

    Don’t have a rig as I’m old school and only smoke js. Saying that when I had a a few points into my joint it goes from getting a decent high (just flower js) to sky rocketing you into a new level. I always end up on the couch for a nap now I save the infused js for night time.

    Not sure the strian I’ve been getting buy all of them have had very loud terps

  2. Shaman0069 (verified owner)

    Not bad for the price ! Cant complain.

  3. Jerry Buckets (verified owner)

    Killer Live resin amazing product for an amazing price 👏 very satisfied 😌

  4. Sap (verified owner)

    Very solid product for the price

  5. Hybrid82

    Sweet!!!! KATALYA82

  6. Aimbot (verified owner)

    Ordered a month ago and the quality had declined significantly from when I ordered last

  7. Jerry Buckets (verified owner)

    Tried the Bruce banner and it was fire 🔥 best deal for price 👌
    Use code JB33 to throw 5 on it 🙏🏼

  8. PARV420 (verified owner)

    Pink kush best taste best price

  9. Sap (verified owner)

    Very good for price

  10. Aimbot (verified owner)

    Nothing special but cannot be beat for the price. Use code: AIMBOT to help out a stoner in need!

  11. Jeffrey hudon (verified owner)

    this batch hits hard

  12. chicostick (verified owner)

    New batch is very sedating ✔️

  13. maxime89 (verified owner)

    Maxime89 for 5$ off

  14. Jeffrey hudon (verified owner)

    moi jle fumme dans des join et ses solide comment sa buzz pour le prix weedposter for the win 👊

  15. CC (verified owner)

    Bruce Banner was a super nice one!

  16. Jakub Sajnog (verified owner)

    White Runtz is super nice!! smells fantastic and tastes great!

  17. Tylerxshrey (verified owner)

    Purple Punch Rosin is sick!! DANK & YUMMY AF. USE: THCO2 for an extra $5 off!

  18. Duncan (verified owner)

    Just got the Lamb’s Bread. Beautiful lemony terp. With a bit of a gassy aftertaste. Great buzz. Honestly killing it at this price point.

  19. Naz (verified owner)

    Good deal,very nice terps!

  20. Streetlegal

    Worst live resin evvvvvver. I traded some flower to a friend who got a half o. It’s awful. It has an Artificial taste and burns dark in my banger at low temps. Grosssssss. Totally regret trading for it

  21. Julien De Potter (verified owner)

    Amazing quality for the price!!

  22. deathsoa (verified owner)

    Great taste and high. Would recommend.

  23. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Pink Kush – Better than expected for how inexpensive it is. Burns clean, and tastes great. 🙂

    Discount Code: 5bucks

  24. jeff

    pour le prix ses tres fou 👌 jvien men recomender une 2iem shoot

  25. Pete.ottawa (verified owner)

    Lamb’s bread…. lamb’s breath….dem rastas say different ting each time I buy it. But the fse is nice bright yellow, buddery consistency. Nice terpy taste. If you’re one of those people with $900 dab rigs this isn’t for you I bet 😂 but the shit is 🔥 it’s $10 a g ffs

  26. Duncan (verified owner)

    Crazy quality for the price point! Got the White Runtz. It’s got a crazy fruity terpy taste. Slightly synthetic tasting but some people really enjoy the intensity of flavour that can bring. Fantastic Buzz will be ordering again.

    Referral: D4RKG1ZM0

  27. domaka (verified owner)

    Agent orange good quality , nice taste !!

  28. Yannick Frappi (verified owner)

    Vraiment très bon Yann88

  29. WoodyWoodman (verified owner)

    Such a bizzare taste/smell not reminiscent of any live resins I’ve had in the past. Not a fan.

  30. N8DOGG (verified owner)

    Not a fan of the taste of the purple punch and white runtzs and bad for the lungs Use code N8DOGG

  31. Jobinne13 (verified owner)

    good for the price but disapointed cause of the artificial flavour cause of the factionated terp.

  32. Sena Debrah (verified owner)

    i personally didn’t like this but it’s a decent price can’t lie about that

  33. Bud_2023 (verified owner)

    I recieved northern lights and the liveresin is fire. Just an issue with packaging. But otherwise good shit. Use THUNDERBUDDY for a discount

  34. ShaddaDabba420 (verified owner)

    Bruce Banner was fire!!!

  35. Pete.ottawa (verified owner)

    Agent orange – tastes like pinesol and orange peel. 🔥 At this price.

  36. Genna Pauwells (verified owner)

    This was my second order after i ordered jungle cake which was really nice. This time I ordered the pink kush and am really impressed again. Definitely the only place I’ll be ordering from.

  37. DAVE420 (verified owner)

    Trying this new drop — Bruce banner slaps and the PK was decent! Nice clean high and easy clean up. Thanks for the updated live resin selections!! DAVE420 !

  38. CC (verified owner)

    Tried an oz of Jungle Cake and I’m back for another jar! These are super smooth and potent. Tasty for sure

  39. Stc74 (verified owner)

    Very good deal! I would buy again. Black Gas🔥

  40. maxime89 (verified owner)

    Super bon gout le jungle cake fait la job maxime25 pour 5 $ de rabais

  41. Colsen Thompson

    Zlushies literally translates exactly to that terp flavour profile.

    Well done boys

  42. LanceWp (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong for the price, great value, zlushies smells like fruity candy, high is really nice and not harsh

  43. KannaLyst (verified owner)

    Great taste n terpy, I had Zlushies , vert smooth, no harsh or bad taste , great price at less than 10$ a G ,getting more when back in stock , use refferal code for 5$ of ur order

  44. Z (verified owner)

    Killer for the price. Taste good smooth and potent

  45. WeedFairy11 (verified owner)

    Wow super nice price for the quality this is some nice live resin here

  46. Tito (verified owner)

    Parfais pour le prix !

  47. ChoseTruc (verified owner)

    very good

  48. Mist3rManiac (verified owner)

    Zlushies smelled and tasted good. Fruity, very moist with terps dripping out of it. I will def buy more. The price for quality is a steal imo. Dabs really nice and smooth even just using a torch and banger.

  49. Wethenorthhh (verified owner)

    Taste really good for the price no complaints I had the rockstar def recommend that one

  50. Jakub Sajnog (verified owner)

    Pretty terpy and burns clean. I got the Black Gas and found it having a nice Citrusy smell with a very Piney taste. Good for the price!

  51. DAVE420 (verified owner)

    Wasn’t harsh, good bang for the buck!

  52. spacey187 (verified owner)

    Not bad for price 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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