Quantity: 3.5 grams per bag

Psilocybin extracted through mushrooms. While the effects of magic mushrooms vary depending on the person and dose, they typically produce feelings of euphoria, well-being, and increased creativity. Some people also report experiencing visual or auditory hallucinations. In some cases, magic mushrooms can induce spiritual experiences and heightened states of consciousness. For certain people, these effects are significant and provide a sense of peace and understanding.


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7 reviews for 3.5g MUSHZOOMS – (SHROOM MEGA SALE)

  1. Shaman0069 (verified owner)

    Ive tried the Trasher Penis Envy (TPE). Very good quality ! mushroom are dried perfectly. I had big Stem and big Cap in my bag. The trip was not to hard for me. Ive take about 2.8g and Ive watched some Simpson and had one of the best night of my life ! The TPE was not an energetic mushroom. Youll feel more “drunk” like you sip a couple beer. But with a lot more fun ! When the smile kick in you just cant resist to laught till you cry 😂✌️ Shout out to WP to bring us some good quality mushroom. Ive feel perfectly great A to Z in my trip ! No bad feeling at all. I recommend if you want to chill out during a friday night on a couch with some Netflix 🤘 Use my code SHAMAN to get 5$ off for your shroom trip 😇

  2. justin dickinson-talarico (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff, mostly recieved big gnarly caps! Im super happy with this!!
    I must also say that the bag is somehow even more cool in person.

  3. TERPZZ0 (verified owner)

    Got the blue minies and they are really potent. Ate a 0.5 and was tripping

  4. Abilaash (verified owner)

    Very potent stuff and comes with beautiful looking mushrooms with thick stems and nice caps.
    Use code: 135i for $5 off next purchase.

  5. Richard (verified owner)

    The penis envy was super strong. Sent me to outer space and I didn’t even eat that much.

  6. mikanismable (verified owner)

    Great price for nicely grown shrooms! Had a blast with these with my friends.

    +++++ $5 off referral code – MIKAN +++++

  7. Jasleen Singh (verified owner)

    love shrooms, love how i get into a spiritual situation everytime. these were amazing and packaging dope asf

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