Blueberry Pancakes is a hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous DJ Short Blueberry x Miracle Alien Cookies and an unknown indica-dominant hybrid. This batch consists of small and medium sized dense fresh nugs. When cracked open users will be hit with sweet smelling floral, berry and dough aromas.

Our Grade: -AAAA

Cultivator: LSO Gem



  1. DAVE420 (verified owner)

    Great smoke, got smaller nugs, potency was on point!
    Ref: DAVE420

  2. Starkiller (verified owner)

    Good old Blueberry taste. Clean ash smooth smoke πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
    Sk420 5$ discount

  3. mikanismable (verified owner)

    Nice hybrid smoke. Great effects!

    Code: “MIKAN” for $5 off !

  4. Hmills (verified owner)

    proper hybrid
    good for price

  5. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Round 2 baby, lightas up!

  6. HowMuchCarn (verified owner)

    Great high, would buy it again for sure.

  7. Slaye33 (verified owner)

    Good smoke bag appeal definitely a hit. Use β€œMEDIC” for discount πŸ™

  8. PARV420 (verified owner)

    Nice one . Too much potent

  9. maxime89 (verified owner)

    Very pretty big nugz whit a super taste
    Dessert strain maxime89 for 5$off

  10. Jerry Buckets (verified owner)

    Definitely a must buy πŸ‘Œ one of my favorite day time smokes 😀
    Use code JB33 save 5 dollars Cuz πŸ’Έ

  11. Matt (verified owner)

    cant go wrong with mac or mac crosses

  12. Andrew Talbot (verified owner)

    Great for the price, burns white and noticeable DJ short BB Terps.

  13. BDfrmDC (verified owner)

    nice prerolls

  14. Matt (verified owner)

    also its basically a mac no other terps and nug structure is same cant go wrong with mac crosses or mac

  15. Matt (verified owner)

    pretty solid this hit harder then the shark fin tuna thats at AAAA+ for sure the price is solid burn great went threw oz was mint

  16. Budluva (verified owner)

    This strain has the best like breakfast terps lol smells like mack but has like a blueberry sweet terp beauty bud

  17. Thechronickid_00 (verified owner)

    Decent flower overall. Buds are dense and sticky but quite small which is my only criticism. It could have been listed as S/M to be fair. Nose is like a MAC or Cereal Milk but with this added fruitiness from the blueberry. Tastes pretty good as well. Not a full translation but not bad at all. Burns nicely and the potency is solid for a daytime smoke. Code TCK for 5 off

  18. Jerry Buckets (verified owner)

    Very nice smoke for the price πŸ‘Œ taste like blueberry maple syrup πŸ˜‹

  19. Phragram (verified owner)

    Tons of popcorn sized buds…

    • weedposters (verified owner)

      Should not affect smoke at all. Burn will be consistent throughout this entire pack.

  20. maxime89

    Tres bon weed maxime89 5$ off

  21. Blaine Murray (verified owner)

    Amazing flower structure and taste. The blueberry Terps are strong with some dank and earthiness the smoke is beyond enjoyable in a joint. I can’t believe the price point on it. An absolute steal in my opinion. This may be one of my favorites in the last 6 or 7 strains I have tried. Perfect cure for how I like my flower. Beautiful job, amazing cannabis.

  22. Matt (verified owner)

    Nutty blueberry flavour is onpoint very nice nug structure reminds me of scottys cake and zacks cake

  23. kushie5136 (verified owner)

    really terpy love this kind and burns nice and smokes smooth.

  24. Math420 (verified owner)

    Realy nice sweet blueberry smell!! Super nice frosty bud, again a great deal on that one!!

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