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Return of the legendary staple! Dino Wizard is a rare indica-dominant strain cross between Fruity Pebbles x Pit Bull x Blissful Wizard. This flavorful hybrid helps conjure a happy headspace, with non stop blasts of euphoria flooding the mind. Cured to absolute perfection, this batch reeks of cream, dough, and desserts. This aroma translates perfectly to flavour. Bright slow burning white ash and a oil ring accompanied by a mouth-watering smoke.

Our Grade: AAAA+

Cultivator: LSO GEM

43 reviews for DINO WIZARD LSO

  1. HighGrade (verified owner)

    Not as good as previous batches, but still some decent smoke that burns clean

  2. Hmills (verified owner)

    reminds me of cali weed

  3. Matt.oak7 (verified owner)

    First time trying this strain so nothing to compare to but quite happy. Has a unique aroma, smokes fantastic, and bag appeal is insane.

  4. Tygucci

    Have gotten this strain multiple times and it never disappoints! Wizard hybrids are a must try in my honest opinion!

  5. CC (verified owner)

    Dino is just amazing every time. Use code WAFFLE for $5 off.

  6. jakewebster

    Dino Wizard is insaaaaaane. I smoked it a while back, but i’ll definitely be buying more of this. high grade AF. Use WAKEJEBSTER for 5$ off. stay highh

  7. steve schmelzle (verified owner)

    Dino Wizard is a great strong strain! The OG cut from May 2023 was 11/10. The first LSO release in August was 9.5/10. The latest release is only a 7/10. (latest release wasn’t as dense buds, not as strong). If you see the OG, don’t sleep. In fact, don’t sleep on any DW!

  8. Oliveiri

    Been curing this one for a while ! Sooo goood, dont sleeep on this one! Use (bloodclot) for discount

  9. Budluva (verified owner)

    This is a WP must buy this strain never disappoints banger

  10. TERPZZ0 (verified owner)

    10/10 really great smoke

  11. Jon138 (verified owner)

    Great bud I can keep smoking this all day
    Amazing bag appeal
    White ash
    Oil ring are there
    And the flavor makes you just want to go back for more

  12. Troy Hormillosa (verified owner)

    This is it. The reason they call it a legendary staple. Damn good, very potent exotic. Use referral code 420COUPLE for 5$ off your order

  13. CC (verified owner)

    Dino’s always super nice! Can’t get enough! 🔥
    Referral Code: WAFFLE

  14. Weedchaser12 (verified owner)

    Smells amazing. Sweet, cakey, sour, pungent. Its caked and sticky. A bit dry which is easy fix. Butthis batch has the wet basement taste. Flush wasn’t good perhaps. I cannot stand stuff like this, it just overpowers the taste of everything else. I’m bummed out for sure. For premium, it should be gloriously amazing.

  15. DAVE420 (verified owner)

    Disappointed, comparing to the last batches.
    This last batch wasn’t as good as the prior ones to justify the tag this time around.

  16. KannaLyst (verified owner)

    A staple strain at WP , perfect as always, loud clean gassy doughy goodness , clean ash , great smoke 10/10 Use KAR for 5$ off ur next order

  17. LekWeeEh (verified owner)

    Would have to agree with the others up top on this batch, extremely extremely dry. at the price point of $220 I don’t think it’s justified, the terps are present and the high is good but the previous batches were way better in my opinion. Was just a miss this time.

  18. HighGrade (verified owner)

    This new batch is just average nothing special at all surprisingly. Buds are dry, my batch buds were inconsistent in the burn, some buds burnt salt and pepper ash some white. To me, this batch is less Terps and potency. This batch should be priced at 160/180 max

  19. henney1996 (verified owner)

    This round gets 4 stars. its terpy and potent smoke. but the buds came quite dry this round. they didnt crumble under pressure but definitely dryer then i would like typically. it had that classic dino wiz look and smell though ! definitely a nice grab but ive had much better batches of this.

  20. LekWeeEh (verified owner)


  21. HighGrade (verified owner)

    So glad I got the last of it before it’s sold out 😎 WP please restock

  22. Mist3rManiac (verified owner)

    This was some of the best weed I’ve ever smoked. I wish I had bought more while it was here but I’ll jump on it next time. Quad Plus? YES.

  23. csampson (verified owner)

    exactly as described, almost identical to the original. highly recommend
    I buy this every time they get it

  24. Legacy246 (verified owner)

    Dino Wizard checks all boxes for me! Loud gassy aroma when you crack the jar. Super sticky bud that is a pleasure to roll with. Mouth coating sweet gassy terps that translate very well. The burn on the batch I got (May 6, 2023) was close to perfect with a nice white ash and beautiful oil ring. Can’t say enough about this strain, a must try from Weedposters!

    DON’T FORGET to use referral code LEGACY for an extra $5 off at checkout!

  25. deathsoa (verified owner)

    Best weed I’ve got so far from here. 10/10 very nice smoke. Hope it comes back!

  26. Mop (verified owner)

    Check all the boxes🔥🔥🔥

  27. Israr Aminzadah (verified owner)

    Wow so gassy, love the look of it and smell. In love. Save $5 referral use code SOSAONE

  28. SoleGlow (verified owner)

    The Best Dino Wizard I’ve had ever. Complex gas with layered flavors or sweet gas! Don’t miss this one.

  29. DAVE PARSOTAN (verified owner)

    This was some of the best smoke, tasty and potent – highly recommend!

  30. LekWeeEh (verified owner)

    Really solid smoke, would get again for sure. great terps, amazing high.

  31. spacey187 (verified owner)


  32. Irwin Paul (verified owner)

    Really good strain , terpy , full flavor, white ash , good oil ring , great high definitely a Quad Plus

  33. CC (verified owner)

    More fruity pebbles than the usual vanilla creamy flavours on this May 6th batch, I’ve tried every drop on the Dino. This batch has great potency, burns clean.

    ($5 off your order)

  34. Georgeaoude0 (verified owner)

    This is a really nice strain, dark buds, great smell and great taste reminds me of icc.potency is up there for sure Would recommend.

  35. Math420 (verified owner)

    Super nice flower!! Very potente and realy terpy, you can’t go wrong, real true quads!!

    If you wont a extra 5$ off on your next order please use the referral code PORN420

  36. Mos420 (verified owner)

    Phenomenal smoke, Most potent wizard strain I’ve tried and best since gas basket 3. Checks all boxes 10/10. White ash greasy oil ring super terpy

  37. TrentSteel (verified owner)

    Fire smoke, checks all the boxes

  38. Cornbread

    Great smoke. Definitely recommend.

  39. Theviny1234 (verified owner)

    All being said, exotics strain. Terpy asf, pure white ash. It hit really hard. Thanks wp for that strain 🤙

    Use code theviny for 5$ off next order! 🤙🤙

  40. Theviny1234 (verified owner)

    Gorgeous flower! Smell is amazing on this one. Taste the exact same and it hit hard! Perfect white ash 👌 thank wp

    Use code theviny for 5$ off next order 🤙🤙

  41. Gelatonic (verified owner)

    Batch date; May 6th

    Nose; Dank Oud, foresty with sweet citrus fading backend. the wizard genealogy is on the forefront of this batch/phenotype. Not as sweet as other batches/pheno’s

    Burn; slightly thicker smoke, easy to cough as entrance is smooth, lovers of B.W. Rejoice. Bright white ash great cure. This whole drop of gems has been stellar so far.

    Bag appeal; dense large dry/tacky buds. Dark green with a lot of purple hues not show in pictures. Buds COATED in unmolested Trichs amazing!

    (I referenced the 12/22 batch of Dino wizard for these reviews.)

    Well worth the money, Show stopper weed for aficionados or taking to parties. Thanks Gem!

    If you find my reviews helpful and would like to save 5$ please

    use my referral code: GELATONIC

    If there’s something you’d me to review or have questions reach me at:
    [email protected]


  42. HighGrade (verified owner)

    The above review is spot on.
    🔥🔥🔥 flower

  43. henney1996 (verified owner)

    5 star exotic smoke. mega terpy and super potent. absolutely perfect smoke.

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